The Sheer Grace

Our beliefs are the gatekeepers to our thoughts; our thoughts become our things, our realities, our lives. For our realities to transform, a continuing pattern interrupt to how we are thinking about our lives and our living is essential. It demands knowing that, not only do we have choice, a very different choice is critical to our evolution and to our well being. When we consciously choose to take time to actively inhale our lives into the very cells of our bodies/our beings and to authentically exhale our unique experiences into our worlds, we magically invite the collapse of all that we have ever held as true in our realities about who and what we are as human beings; lies inculcated as truth, yet incontestably untrue. We ARE NOT our bodies.

Breathe first and breath again... and again.... and again. Air moves. How can it not? When our beliefs are transformed, by way of our choosing, first and always, to breathe, we can easily arrive at that personal place where we know we can change our minds... and, truth be told, already have. As we change our minds, our thoughts alter themselves...spontaneously. As our thoughts alter, then reality - as we each experience it - looks, sounds and feels very different.

Consciously choose to consciously breathe! Can change really be that simple? Is that all it really takes?

The purpose of our lives is not - and never has been - to hold our breath; to remain immoveable. Who we have come to be was never intended to be static. The question then becomes: What energy, space and consciousness can we each become to BE the space, the movement and the flow - the sheer grace - we  already ARE... now awakened and continually awakening to a new possibility?