Choosing Amnesia

On one of our regular road trips in the last couple of years, a friend presented me with this hypothesis (as we were entertaining Siri’s back roads travel advice, yet overriding this form of artificial intelligence by organic impulse/intuition): Sheila, if you had found yourself with amnesia and had had to set out to re-create your life, how would it have been different and what would you have created? I said to her, That’s a hard one; I have no reference points for that. And, she reminded me that THAT was the point. Amnesia has no reference points. And so, I knew immediately, what my life would have looked like. 

No reference points. Like the back roads we were travelling on, we had no historical reference points to guide our choices for where we were driving; what we knew in each moment, however, was an intention. We were taking an unknown - yet intuitively known - route and choosing the turns, by feel and by deep and internal knowing… leaving Siri scrambling to catch up to us. 

Since that conversation with my friend, I have discovered that embracing the metaphor of amnesia is the great invitation to me to get out of my own way. My experience of the life that I am creating for my Self knows much more ease now. 

So, I ask you, What would your life feel like, sound like, look like, if you were to authentically live your life, in this breath, with no past, no historical reference points? 

If it is true that life does not happen to us; instead, we happen to life (courtesy of Aristotle via Dr. Wayne Dyer?), then what, simply in the very moment of your choosing, could you imagine, design and create for your world, the one you authentically choose to live in… and BE not of? 

What would you let yourself really know about your Self in this ever changing space? Whom would you become?