Introduction to 21st Century Huna™
9:30am 9:30am

Introduction to 21st Century Huna™

Reclaim your birthright and awareness of you as infinite space, energy and consciousness... inviting and allowing an enriched and expanded experience of ease, joy and well being. Discover the keys to how the ancient Hawaiian peoples lived, harmoniously, in the land they called 'Paradise"; heaven on earth. Become the lineage for your own life, initiating yourself into a continuing experience of magic and mystery as the most practical way of creating your reality in living the life you want and choose. 

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Sheila's Healing 'Clinic'
1:00pm 1:00pm

Sheila's Healing 'Clinic'

For Women Only

Stop Hurting, Start Living!

Educate Yourself through Conversations and

the Difference that Makes the Difference

I invite you to join me for fun and out-of-the -ordinary conversations, intended to foster healing. I’ll speak to a shift in context for thinking about healing; I know it will expand your perspective as you consider what is possible with both traditional and non-traditional healing options. I'll also intuitively listen for and 'tweak' your physical and emotional 'ails' - with your permission - with my myriad approaches to creating releases in body and mind. 

So, If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired; if you are bored with same old, same old; if you are wondering what else is possible for your life and can't just seem to get there; if you keep running the same strategies, yet long for very different results in your life, then why not join us? I promise you that whatever comes to light for you, in the good company of a small and intimate group of women, will be both relevant and fun for you. 

Feeling good feels good, When your body feels good, you feel good. When you feel  good, everyone around you feels good. It is pretty simple, really!

Through these WEL-Systems® - based conversations, you’ll reclaim more space, movement and flow in your life... meaning that you'll leave feeling relieved, released and relaxed in your body and in your mind. You'll find that you have more energy and optimism. With science and the sacred as your guiding supports, you’ll leave the conversation, running the question for your life, 'What else is possible?'

Where:     Chelsea, Quebec (Register, then I’ll send directions)

Fee:          $20.00

Note: If you choose to attend the Bars®️ Share ( 7 PM to 9:30 PM) along with the 'Healing' Clinic (1 PM to 4 PM on the same day), deduct $10.00 from the combined fee.

Who:        All women in search of a different way to define, deal with, and handle all the crazy-making 'stuff' in our lives, be it from the most mundane and common-place to the most extraordinary and uncommon considerations. If feeling good is uppermost in what you choose for your life, please join us. What you might discover is that living this way is actually easier than we have been taught to believe.

Registration in advance is essential. Contact Sheila at 613-292-4562 or to confirm your attendance. Maximum 15 attendants.

Bio here.

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Access Bars® Monthly Share
7:00pm 7:00pm

Access Bars® Monthly Share

Open to Women Only

Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation, inviting change and well-being in all areas of your life... for an introductory fee.

Bars® shares are for:

  1. Certified Bars® Facilitators and Practitioners - $20.00 each
  2. Anyone new to the Bars® and curious about experiencing the running of their Bars® - thus promoting healing in physiology and the mind-body connection - $40.00 each. This one-time Bars® 'taster' takes about 40 minutes. Subsequent and more in-depth Bars® experiences can be arranged by individual appointment.

Note: If you choose to attend the 'Healing' Clinic (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on the same day) along with the Bars®️ Share from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM, deduct $10.00 from the combined fee.

Why run the Bars®?

Are you feeling distracted? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you living with pain, suffering, dis-ease and/or limitation, Running the Bars® will invite a deeper experience of space movement and flow into your body and into your mind, revealing greater clarity in your thinking.

Let go of the idiom, no pain, no gain! You need not experience pain to feel better; running the Bars® provides a non-invasive way to re-integrate body, mind and spirit. No pain, all gain!. How does it get any better than that?!

What are the Bars®?

There are 32 points on your head which, with an easy touch being applied, effortlessly help to dissolve resistance and limitation to allowing yourself to receive. These 32 points are the loci for all the unconscious thoughts, beliefs, values, attitudes, emotions, expectations,  judgments, and conclusions that you have stored, deep in tissue, out of your conscious awareness. Running the Bars™ provides an opportunity for you to let go of beliefs and strategies that have been unconsciously influencing your life, thus causing the repetitive default to what has always been familiar. You'll discover that you can go beyond solving a problem, to, instead, transforming your life.

These monthly Bars® shares are hosted and facilitated by Sheila Winter Wallace in Chelsea, every second Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM.  Arrive at 6:45 PM for a 7:00 PM start.

Register with Sheila by phone, voice mail or text at 613-292-4562 OR by email: Address & Directions will be sent to you, once you have registered. The location is easy to get to from anywhere in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

Capacity: 10 people. 


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The Power of Language and Metaphor: Leveraging Body Genius for Change
to Nov 28

The Power of Language and Metaphor: Leveraging Body Genius for Change

Online Experience

For any woman, in any walk of life, who can own one of the following truths about herself: She is...

  • Curious about what is possible, moving forward, to enrich life, learning, growth and change
  • Walking an evolutionary path of Self-discovery as a congruent and practical way to live
  • Interested in the conversation that is NLP  - how the body, as the final frontier of all expression, both inside and outside of awareness, structures its own reality - and how that impacts rapport, healing and relationship
  • a medical care provider, coach, facilitator, counsellor, energy practitioner, healer, teacher, trainer, therapist, parent, grand-parent
  • already an NLP practitioner and/or trainer and/or hypnotherapist who is looking for a higher order context - i.e. moving beyond strategy - in which to engage Self and Other
  • looking to expansively reframe her personal experiences of life and well-being, so that she can become the expanding invitation to her clients, colleagues and family to discover that for themselves, too.

More Information here

To Register: Contact Sheila Winter Wallace at 613-292-4562 and 


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Access Bars™ - Learn to Run the Bars™
9:30am 9:30am

Access Bars™ - Learn to Run the Bars™

Did you know there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn't allow you to receive? These points are the loci for all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, values, attitudes, emotions, expectations, considerations, and conclusions that you have stored, out of your conscious awareness, in any lifetime. Running the Bars™ is an opportunity for you to let go of everything! 

As a modality, in and of itself, running the Bars™ accelerates the awakening of consciousness - in silence and without the need for content and story; it discharges energy build-up in the body’s electrical systems, sustained through the culturally conditioned defaults to repeating history, habit and habituation. It makes conscious and lets go of the rigid mortar of no choice that once cemented the bricks of that external conditioning, ultimately creating a life of compliance.

AND... if your passion for engaging with others is ignited in the delivery of healing through other modalities - e.g. - Coaching; Counselling; Reiki; Emotional Freedom Technique; Cranial-Sacral Therapy; Somato-Emotional Release; Touch for Health; Quantum Touch; NLP; Hypnotherapy; Psych-K; etc. - running the Bars™ provides an easy, joyous and glorious opening and completion to any session.

If you are a parent, you can assist your children to step into and reclaim the potential they innately knew was available to them when they arrived here; what you’ll discover is great for you and great for them.

Calling all coaches, nurses, RMT’s, body workers, energy practitioners, counsellors, MD’s, Psychologists and parents. Would you like to become an Access Bars™ Practitioner? Anyone can learn this! All it takes is willingness, curiosity and one day! You will find the addition of Bars™, to your practice and your life, a game changer.

Register: with Sheila Winter Wallace at 613-292-4562 or by Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

Duration: One day. Start your practice right away.

Fee: $300.00 CAN for your first experience and $150.00 CAN for each subsequent experience. Speak to Sheila about payment methods. Your payment is all inclusive of program experience, manual, information sheets and Certificate of Completion. 

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to Apr 19

Core Rhythms: the art & alchemy of hands-on healing - Session 3 of 3

A debut/pilot experience for womenCore Rhythms is a WEL-Systems® based approach to hands-on healing - as both art and alchemy - for quantum leaps intended to move you beyond any need for technique. For beginners, seasoned healers, coaches, care givers and professional health care providers. The Core Rhythms sessions are being facilitated at The Haven in Chelsea, Quebec. 

For more information about Core Rhythms and other small group experiences, click here:

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