(BSI) BodySpirit Integration

Tactile CODE Model Coaching™

BSI weaves a tapestry of hands-on healing approaches to awaken and reconnect body, mind and spirit. It is different from traditional body work which looks at the body as a mechanical device to be 'fixed' and which directs its focus to managing disease states in the hope of achieving well being. Instead, BSI looks at the body as a quantum biological processor of information and energy with full autopoietic capacity to heal, regenerate and evolve itself.  What presents is always, in all ways, a starting point for Self-discovery and the reclamation of ease... not just an end result to be 'fixed'.

What presents is never about what is actually presenting. Discovering the genius of... and deconstructing the  frameworks for... how we hold pain, suffering, dis-ease and limitation in our bodies and minds is the essential key to healing. Hands-on Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release are vital components, among the many strategies available in BSI, to leverage healing transformation in body, mind and soul. Education is pivotal and questions are always, in all ways, welcomed.

Engaging the body as its own inner physician, BSI serves to re-awaken the Self; re-vitalize well-being; reconnect body, mind & spirit; and re-claim a life of ease. BSI is facilitated within the frameworks of The WEL-Systems® Body of Knowledge, the CODE Model™  and Quantum TLC™ to leverage the body’s internal genius for change. 

Consider this approach if:

  • you feel sick, stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out, fragile, broken, in pain

  • you feel misunderstood, unheard, inconvenient, abandoned, unwanted, isolated

  • you live with PTSD, trauma, phobia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety

  • you live with fear, terror, rage, resentment

  • you feel out of options inside a life that feels in collapse

  • the results of your medical tests are showing negative, even though your discomfort prevails

  • You have been given a serious diagnosis, feel scared, confused, traumatized and out of options

  • you are looking to support and enhance your medical treatments

  • you want to feel whole, unique and essential to your world, honouring that your life matters

Investment for Results: $390.00 per session OR $1326.00 (reduced fee of 15%) for a series of 4 sessions. Allow 3 hours per session. 

For more information, please listen to this radio broadcast of Sheila being interviewed about BSI by the Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute, Louise LeBrun. Here is what Louise has to say: 

'The language of energy and spirit can now often be heard, surfacing easily in the conversations of many as they consider their physical, emotional and spiritual well being. And yet, despite our willingness to entertain these potentials, just how much more willing and able are we, to transform our lives in meaningfully sustainable ways?

BSI – Body/Spirit Integration – as a new and potent way of connecting body, mind and spirit in ways that produce significant and evident shifts in our ability and willingness to create physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Sheila Winter Wallace – Registered CODE Model Coach™ – knows bodies. With a background in nursing, her life has included the Sacred Task of engaging with and attending to the bodies of those whose journeys had begun, elsewhere. With training and practice in a plethora of methodologies, Sheila’s greatest discoveries – about herself and others – came when she discovered a higher-order context within which to engage it all!'


All is very well with me – I am indeed pain free, so life has lost its strain. Not having to struggle through each day is a wonderful way to live. You helped me immeasurably, and I will always be very grateful for your sensitivity and skill’

C.D., U.S.A.

Sheila, on my continual journey with self, you are such a wise awakened woman, a vibration of truth that brought me back to my body, the great source of wisdom that I had been so terrified to connect with, I hold who you are so dear to me. I am creating a very different experience of myself these days, an unfamiliar place of joy, or rather, a deeper place of joy.

Cathy Saunders, Halifax, N.S.

For me, BSI has been a way for me to open my body to process what’s going on for me without language, which I really feels pulls me out of my body and into my head. Working with Sheila with BSI has allowed me to be open to the process of my own growth and I’ve really moved at light speed. I will continue to recommend BSI for anyone I know who is tending to others, who is experiencing health issues or who is experiencing a sense of being fractured or unable to express their personal truth.

Each time that I experience a Body, Spirit Integration session with Sheila, I am changed.  I may come with something which is presenting in my body or questions or concerns.  I know that, in working with Sheila, whatever it is that is with me, I will address with her support and guidance. To me, it’s like a CODE Model Coaching session in tactile form.

None of my BSI sessions has resembled any other session.  Each one is different as Sheila responds to my needs at the time and I know that each one has been perfect for me in that moment.  And I know that, with each session, I have experienced change on a quantum scale and which has been instantaneous.  

Sheila brings to her work with each person her profound depth of understanding of the CODE Model, Huna, Cranial-Sacral Therapy and so many other modalities.  She is always fully present to each person and uses her skills with great respect and integrity and generosity of spirit for each person to support each as they move through whatever will present for them during the BSI session.  

Sheila told me not too long ago that I had saved myself.  I am glad that she’s been present to me and with me as that has happened for me.  

Jean Winter, Kanata, Ontario

Every BSI experience is peeling away a layer.  I was amazed during the last session at what can be awakened in my body through our conversation, the aliveness of it.  These experiences have made be more aware of my body, are helping me make my body part of me…. Hum… that seems odd to say but it is true for me.  Its presence has increased in my awareness.  How can I express this?  I listen in.

C.L., Quebec