Impact and Courage

It is essential, I believe, that we - meaning you and me and everyone the world over - remember that we are HERE (meaning on planet earth) because each of us is and has IMPACT. There is nothing we need do but to take a huge inhale followed by a long, resonant exhale, and to choose to BE our magnificent Selves and to speak the truth of our experience, warts and all. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Sounds easy. I look outside of me and I ask myself, Why, then, would we continue to be so hard on ourselves?

Why, indeed? Mindless habituation.

Our first and greatest choice, each and every time, should be to exhale our Selves into our worlds. This is the consummate choiceThis is the marvellous process of awakening. This takes practice and this takes courage. I believe that, as an unconscious default to our histories, habits and habituation, we have mindlessly numbed ourselves into forgetting that we really are COURAGE in spades... we need prove nothing. COURAGE is why we are HERE. Our essential IMPACT is the very depth of our COURAGE to really LIVE, as the sacred and infinite beings we truly are. In giving and receiving - fully - in engaging with others, we discover that we can be kind to ourselves… that we are kind to ourselves. It is an awakening, an initiation into the SELF… each and every time. How does it get any better than that?