Waking Up Is a Personal Choice

When it comes to our own innate capacity to heal our bodies, our minds, our lives and our worlds, what will happen when critical mass for the momentum of a new paradigm in thinking and living reveals itself? 

The presupposition, inherent in the above question, for me, is that we will get there... however, as to when, I have absolutely no clue. I am getting long in the tooth and I am not sure that I’ll live long enough to see it happen. Still, I am ever hopeful, even in those moments of my own deep despair, relative to whom I believe we humans have sadly become as a species; we are not ‘nice’ people. Gloria Steinem said the truth will set us free, but, first, it will piss us off. So the question becomes, If we are not ‘nice’ people, then who are we?  

Mongers of fear... THAT is whom and what, I believe, we have become as a species. We have become entrained to the forces of consumption, competition, compromise, compliance and greed, which serve to create economies imagined, realized and directed, incognito, by a very few... and managed by governments and their bureaucracies, the world over, as intermediary to global confrontation; war sustained to uphold the trafficking of the earth and its peoples as commodities of avarice. We continue to allow ourselves to become distracted by the lies (framed as truth) and the ‘rights and wrongs’ of it all; meanwhile, Rome is burning.

If all meaning is context dependent (for me, this IS an inalienable truth), then, how is it that we have failed to notice what we are really creating/modeling in our own family systems (these include church, government, education and media), the world over and in our own backyards? We learn, early, the capacity of white wash to veil our experience of truth, so palpable is our fear of being considered socially and politically incorrect... and it is that toxic, white wash that is killing us through long-term, media-induced trance; fractionalization of that trance is a sure route into coma. Waking up is a personal choice and it starts with each one of us becoming willing, even if we do not yet know how to sustain the awakening, to stop and take a big breath in AND to exhale. 

I have been in the pursuit of my own conscious evolution for its own sake, for most of my life. It has only been a short 4 years since my spontaneous realization that I had pretty much lived the whole of my life within a massively hidden and massively earthed, energetic signature of terror. Fear will force internal collapse and the decision to comply... especially at a very young age... when uncertainty presents and safety is absent (bodies know this, intimately). From there, sustained and simmering rage is ignited. When safety - as the most primal/essential requirement for living - has been compromised - again and again and again, ad nauseum - can we ever unconditionally trust that we won't be abandoned to danger, yet again? Truth is, how many of us, as adults, really remember that we are, now, really all grown up? Sadly, I believe that this remembrance is a very rare occurrence. 

We need simply to look at history repeating itself, generation to generation, to know that our parents and their parents before them were f..ked from the get go. I hate to say it, but the trafficking of disrespect for humanity starts and is cultivated at home, at church and at school, through fear, anger and shame; it continues when we get to work. By the time we are adults, certified with our degrees to take on and lead the world, we have become undeniably and certifiably crazy, lying to ourselves that we are sane. We then repeat the cycle we modelled, growing up: get an education, get a job, get a partner, buy a house, have kids and consume. Over and over again, repeated modeling, generation to generation, teaches us, insidiously and profoundly, how to sustain the rat race, while lying to ourselves that we are creating and succeeding at living very different lives. I ask you, how can that be, when we are still nourishing ourselves with a diet of fear? We are an enslaved species... and we have become so comatose to it, that we don't even notice how crazy we have become! Family, religious, political and social dogma cements it all in. A paradigm shift in how we organically parent our children (we keep on telling ourselves that they are our great hope for the future; however, if we really believed it, would we not be passionately engaged in honouring their sense of Self, now?) will transform their lives, moving forward, BUT, FIRST, we, the adults of the human species, need to wake up.

The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn (thanks, again, to Gloria Steinem).

We’ll only remember the inherent genius of whom and what we are by, first, choosing to consider ourselves differently in each and every moment that history, habit and habituation are triggered in us. For me, every moment - every inhalation and every exhalation - is a choice point to remember who and what I AM. I AM a Quantum Biological Human Being™. I AM godForce. I AM god. I AM creator of my world. 

I AM godForce? I AM god? How dare I own that, in and for my Self, out loud and visibly? Are you bristling with indignation, yet? Blasphemy, indeed! 

GodForce is not how we have ever been taught to live. If we had been taught THAT, we would not have continued to self-destruct our well-being, our lives, our worlds and our climate throughout the aeons of planetary life we have known. We would KNOW that we are not our bodies. We would KNOW that every sensory cue we feel in tissue is an intelligent communication to us from inner space; we would name it, claim it and own it, as the genius that all of it is. 

If we had been taught THAT, we would no longer have vocabulary for consumption, competition, compromise, compliance, greed and confrontation. The idiom, we are ‘ONE’, would no longer be insultingly smeared across our lives as the righteous veneer of platitude; we would really 'grok' it, in our cells, as a fundamental, scientific truth in our lives. Language for it would cease; its authentic and magical essence, alone, would vibrate and emanate throughout the whole of our beings, individually and collectively.

If we had been taught THAT, we would have taught our own children differently; they would already KNOW and LIVE respect, integrity and generosity of spirit for Self and Other as their natural birthright, not as something they have had to earn - counter to natural forces - through myopic struggle. 

I have been a passionate facilitator for well being in the art of healing and regeneration, in some form or other, over the entirety of my life. The considerable content of what I know is, for me, only essential to educating to the greater context that each and everyone of us - every sentient being alive - is godForce. We are not our bodies; as cascading light through tissue, we can redefine our lives in quantum leaps, far beyond incremental change. There is a way, if you are interested, hungry and feel your internal call: The WEL-Systems Body of Knowledge, the CODE Model™ and Quantum TLC™... all of which will educate you to the science and the sacred of whom and what we are... and can become.... as Quantum Biological Human Beings™. This, for me, is the ultimate and continuing journey to redefining what it means to live an internally referenced life... Safe, Self-connected, Self-realized, Self-actualized, well in body, well in mind, curious, courageous and creative... and never alone, even when flying solo. 

As spiritual beings living a human experience, this paradigm shift in thinking about thinking (i.e. we are not our bodies, not our strategies, not our behaviours and not our outcomes; we are godForce and we create) can’t not but move us from the externally referenced framework for healing that traditionally holds us as broken, needing fixing and hunting for ‘normal’... to a quantum panorama that holds that what is present and what is absent are both equally intelligent. As such, there is no good, bad, right, or wrong. There are simply 3 questions to consider:

  1. How is your life working for you? 
  2. Are you living by choice or by default? 
  3. Are you willing to consider something different?

As adults, we must learn to re-define our capacity to parent ourselves. Only then, will future generations of our children become citizens of the world who live, by choice, connected to Self and Other, in peace.