Trusting the Gravitas of My Own Experience, Expressed

I spend much of my days writing in response to emails. These responses will, one day, become part of a second book - the title of which is, for now, under-wraps, while I write my way through a first book about my experience of bankruptcy as the gateway to living an authentic life. It has been brought to my attention by a close friend and colleague, whose point of view I highly value, that my writing, below, taken from an email trail with 4 other women, should be shared, as she stated:

‘This is yet another powerful piece of writing from you. I encourage you to consider some way of sharing it further and wider…. perhaps through your blog? The messages are timely, deeply meaningful, relevant to our current challenges and compellingly expressed. My favourite stuff! :)’

I appreciate and resonate with all that has been expressed. Breathing is good. Breathing is essential. Breathing IS the gift that keeps on giving. And, it is with huge gratitude that I actually remember now, more likely and more often than not, to breathe consciously; that my body is a quantum biological processor of energy and information… and that I can actually trust it all the time. And, that every last bit of my living and my life is either a choice toward (for) the godForce that I AM OR away from (against) the godForce that I AM. The former choice is a choice for Self-rapport and Self-connection; the latter is a choice for self-resistance and self-betrayal. Every breath I take is a choice to trust the gravitas of my own experience, expressed. That is where I’ll always find my joy.

I do not deny that there is civil ‘war’ playing out across the world. People talk about it as impending. Wrong! It is way beyond any idea of it in formation that is incubating. And, I know that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, other than to own the truth of its existence while denying it any real estate in my mind, choose what brings me joy and LIVE THAT. Louise LeBrun has hung the 4 tenets for living out on the line: all meaning is context dependent; there is no content in content worth knowing; my power resides in this breath, this moment; and the process of living my life outranks the achievement of any outcome I manifest.

We often hear the idiom: 'This, too shall pass'. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It is not. It is a lie to distract ourselves from noticing that we are sinking ever deeper into the latrines of our own entrained misery, telling ourselves that we are not, telling ourselves that we are OK. We are like birds that fly in ever decreasing concentric circles until we fly up our own asses. It is how we devolve our currency of consciousness to lower levels of thinking. In that, there can be no flight.

So, as has been said in this email trail… Decloak, Engage, Manifest… consciously choosing this moment, this breath, this truth, this trust.

Thanks for the wonderful and unwinding conversations. I appreciate it all.