Decloaking & Living Authentically

Monday, September 23, 2019 to Friday, September 27, 2019 - 10 AM to 6 PM

All meaning is context dependent.

What does that really mean?

To invite and allow yourself to  'grok' this statement in the very cells of your being, demands an awakening inside the soup of collective consciousness into which we have been born. We all know well [or not] the continuing recipe for life we continue to use - hoping, always, to get a different result as we seek to fulfill our unexpressed desires for our lives. Continuing to live by the models we have learned, will keep us captive to looking for possibility in our histories; It never works.  

First, we must recognize the power of cultural entrainment... that we actually live and default to sustained mind share.... before we can even think about releasing ourselves from its life-defying power. 

There IS a different context for living our lives, intentionally, mindfully and directionally - so that we come to know and embrace that we are whole, unique and essential to our worlds. The WEL-Systems® Body of Knowledge is the ignition, the pathway and the process for it all. It all starts with the wake-up call that is Decloaking and Living Authentically. 

For women only, Decloaking and Living Authentically is a 5-day pattern interrupt of the defaults to how we have come to generally... and specifically... live our lives, mindless of our compliance to structures that limit our imaginations. These marvellous 5 days are intended to invite a paradigm shift in thinking about how we think about ourselves, our lives, our potential and our possibilities.

Decloaking fertilizes the promise of becoming continuously and consciously intentional, directional and mindful about our unique lives, our unique Beings, our unique bodies and sensory cues, and our unique thoughts and linguistic cues - in the life affirming process of creating our unique and personal realities. This awakening experience is essential to igniting space, movement and flow, as a preferred state of being.  It invites the ever-continuing reclamation of whom and what we are as Quantum Biological Humans™: it invites the ever-continuing revelation of whom and what we can become, as life creators and leader Selves. The Decloaking 5-day experience is an essential gateway to owning the truth of your experience - warts and all - including all the 'stuff' about yourself you don't know you don't know! You'll reclaim expanding empathy and compassion for yourself.

Decloaking is not a training or a course with agenda and strategy; instead it is a small group, conversational intensive without agenda, self-directed through the nature of the organically occurring conversations. It is intended to reconnect our bodies to the authentic essence that each one of us is, in the good company of others. The process promotes healing and well-being! The process invites you to leap, with rapport and safety, into the courage and confidence you do not yet know is yours. The experience invites you to revel in your new found capacity to stand your ground in/for yourself, as you give voice - once denied - to the clarity of your meaningful expression, finally born witness to. You'll amaze yourSelf as you notice that old habituated strategies are no longer running on auto-pilot! Watching your back, swallowing back what you really wanted to say, saying 'no' when your authentic response would have been 'yes' [and vice versa], and running old, looping stories which made 'it' all right to be whom you are... simply lose traction in your life.. You'll stop beating yourself up! You'll uncover a genuine kindness for yourself that you did not know was present. You'll discover that your history, habits and habituation are totally irrelevant to the the creation of the life that you desire, moving forward. And, you'll discover that you DO, indeed, have choice... and the inalienable right to choose for your Self, with meaning. You'll discover that you are an inspired being, excited by and for you own life. As you take back your life for YOU, you become the invitation to others to reclaim their own. How does it get any better than that?!

Investment: Tuition of $1950.00 CAN + 14.975% Quebec HST for a total of $2242.01 - payable to Sheila Winter Wallace.

Note: A separate purchase at can and must be made at anytime, up to the program start, for the essential, required and supporting Decloaking audio download. This purchase is requisite to entering the program experience. The fee for the Decloaking audio files is $189.00 + 13% Ontario HST for a total of $213.57. It is separate from the program tuition fee. We recommend purchasing and listening to the audio files at your earliest convenience. They’ll start to ‘break up the concrete’ of your unconscious constructs of thinking AND they’ll help you to get clear about entering - or not - into the 5-day intensive program experience. You will have these audio files to listen to for life; they are timeless and you’ll never hear them the same way twice.

Payment plans for tuition are available by request. A deposit of $975.00 + 14.975% Quebec HST will reserve your place. Deposits are non-refundable. If unused, depositis can be transferred to other services or programs which Sheila offers within one year of purchase.

Payments accepted: by Square Invoice (client can pay securely and directly online) and Email Transfer


When: Monday, September 23, 2019 to Friday, September 27, 2019 - 10 AM to 6 PM Each Day

Location: Chelsea, Quebec, Canada - 20 to 45 minutes from anywhere in the Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec regions. Address and Directions will be provided with confirmation of registration. Hotel and dining close by [these costs are the responsibility of the participant].


Experiencing Decloacking and Living Authentically with Sheila and eight other Godforces has forever transformed the context in which I now live my life.

I have spent years attending programs and working with institutions (therapy, anyone?) that only taught me perpetually failing strategies of how to "manage" my "symptoms/trauma/expressions" rather than how to own the Truth of my experience (my fire) so that I transform my life by evolving to BE all that I already AM. Not "broken" or in need of "fixing" or "incomplete", but rather whole, unique and absolutely essential to my world.

There is something incredibly powerful that happens when your vulnerability is witnessed, uninterrupted, in a safe space full of women all deeply curious and fiercely committed to their own personal evolution simply for it's own sake.

During the five days of the experience, I learned and internalized that I can, if I choose it for myself, create a life that I deeply cherish. I cannot create that aforementioned life from the confines of deeply entrenched cultural conditioning of the past nor from the self-constructed and perpetuated dramas stemming from the deep unconscious strategies running my life. I can only create it by letting go of the fear of facing my Self, and by asking the bigger questions that lead me to live from the now, the choice point of WHO I AM rather than from the past, the who I have been conditioned to believe I am. It means moving from living from the conditioned unconscious strategies of the past (survival/scarcity/fear) to a space where I consciously make meaningful choices for myself that are congruent, clear, and authentic. Given that safety is an inside job, freedom only comes because I choose to create a sacred and intimate relationship with my core Self.

Through Decloacking and Living Authentically, I learned how to satisfy my hunger for MORE, how to begin to let go of the confines of cultural conditioning and the prevailing myth of the intact family, how to live from the choice point, how to unapologetically express my voice, how to connect with women who empower themselves, and how to create a safe space for self-intimacy.

Most importantly, I learned the transformative power of a full and conscious breath. In the world of quantum science, quantum healing IS possible, and quite frankly, much preferred.

Sheila and the paradigm of WEL-Systems has given me my life back. The past does not define me, the moment I live in is where potential lives, and the future unfolds from the choices I make today.

We are so intensely powerful -- Decloacking and Living Authentically has helped me BE just that. I am simply stoked to discover more about mySelf and what else is possible for me by partaking in the next experience-- Engaging and Awakening Others!

Stela M. - - Masham, Quebec - 2018

Thank you so much for sharing such a profound week with me.  It really was a remarkable experience and I can feel that it continues within me now.

I was thinking about the week, which in some ways seems so simple.  No text books, no lectures, no structure – just women being open to listening and speaking from a place of genuine honesty.  It’s a unique experience and dynamic, and one that inspires me to experience it more often.  While just reviewing the week and feeling how it all sits within me, I am struck by the profoundness of it.  It’s like I’ve been unified within myself after a long absence away.  I notice my breathing that goes deep into my belly and is often accompanied by a feeling of floating, but floating in a settled and grounded way.

One of the greatest treasures from this week is to truly be in a place of not expecting, and even more importantly, not needing answers.  Suddenly, there’s no need to be right, to have the right answer and to be ahead of everyone else.  After all, ahead of what?  It’s as if I’ve finally woken up the realization that there is no one to be ahead of in the first place.  There’s simply expanse and space.  It’s like an open road ahead of me, but without the structure of a road – it’s more open than that.  I am filled with a feeling of having let go to holding on and gripping tightly to something that didn’t even exist in the first place.  And I can now see that it’s in the embracing of the “nothing” that I’ve become awake to the “everything” that is me.  I am the foundation.

Melissa – Toronto, Ontario - 2010