A Matter of Opinion...

It's 2017 and it's July. The last time I opened up this blog was is February. Wow, my state of being has leaped since then! How many times have I told myself that I had nothing of value to say? So this blog, of course, would see no activity. LOL, who really gets to determine that value? At the end of the day..... fast forward to ME!

Lots of things are moving in my world, not the least of which is my desire to simply BE and LIVE as a process that knows the certainty of grace AND the grace of certainly, as core, as essential, to my world. I know that I am creating all of the time. I know that  my unique way of moving, authentically, through an externally created reality is, without exception, projected from an internal world view that lives its truth inside my body.... conscious or unconscious, comfortable or uncomfortable... and EITHER owned and claimed, inhaled or exhaled, as a good thing OR intellectually denied/avoided, as culturally inexpedient.  My body will never deny it's truth; my intellect, however, will; I am the only one who can reframe that for myself. Only when the intellect allows the body to know what it knows... and what it does not know it does not know... can we ever really know the full magic that we are. 

Truth, owned and claimed, inhaled and exhaled, invites comfort's expansion into more of itself and discomfort's release of itself. Hey, 'discomfort', you are now free to leave your what you thought was your entitlement, your real estate, behind. Whose original opinion did you choose to rely upon, anyway? Was it ever naturally yours?

Truth, denied and avoided, sees breathing shortened, curtailed and, ultimately, stopped; When we chose, heels dug into the earth for dear life, to die to be right... well, we invite discomfort to always, in all ways, find it's traction, there. Ultimately, that traction, can dissolve into quick sand.

So, what does an opinion have to do with any of this?  Well, here are some questions to ask:

How do I authentically feel, inside, about what I am hearing? What gets triggered in my body? Am I breathing? When I own the truth of my feelings about it all, do i insist on adding extra locks to an area, where there is no door in site? Alternatively, can I allow myself to see that a door does exist... and that it can open to reveal another possibility? 

There is an old expression that 'opinions are like assholes; everybody's got one'. We can laugh. Still, that anatomical construct is an essential resource to our body's physiological functioning. Truly, the body is the final frontier of expression; it is evidence of the cutting edge of our thinking. Without that orifice, can you imagine how you'd be feeling, how you'd be thinking? How connected would you feel to the essence  - the space, movement and flow - of whom you  really are?

Short, plain and simple, I have, just today, come to view 'opinion' - my own or anybody's opinion about anything - as either a resource to live my life or not. In considering a resource, I'll either feel good about it or I won't; it will authentically support me or it won't. Like any resource, an opinion - created or adapted - is always in line for the choosing; for me, it's got to feel 'right', inside, in order for me to authentically engage and invest. How much of what we invest in at the grocery store, for an example, is simply a matter of opinion? My point is that my universe is a quantum and abundant store of everything, including opinions, like them or not. We get to choose and we have the right to change our minds, again and again, and again. Will we?

So, in this moment, will I choose only that which will congruently satisfy all logical levels of my expression from my highest intention for being here, at this time, to what I ultimately actualize, right here, right now? Or will I default to another's opinion, as more valued than what my 'gut' instinct tells me is true and 'right' for my world?

Territories and maps are not the same thing. There can be many maps for a single territory; designing it is a matter of perspective, a matter of interpretation. It seems we have forgotten, even before we started our earthly life journeys, that maps do not - and were never intended to - define whom we are. They are an opinion, a resource, only - based on personal experience - of 'best' suggestions to navigate our worlds. There can be as many maps as their are opinions as there are people, asking whatever questions they are choosing to ask. Following them - or not - is a personal choice.

The following is what I found myself sharing in an email today with another; this is what propelled me to engage my blog after such a long time away from it; this is valuable to me to share: 

'I agree. What I have learned over the years is that, in conversation, while people, generally, may use the same words and phrasing, those words and phrasing never mean the same thing to each individual. Perspectives and interpretations are always unique to the individual. As such - and at the end of the day - I guess they can only be considered opinions, at best. And, those opinions quickly become ‘law’ in a world that knows fear as its only fuel by which to choose. It takes committed mindfulness, awareness and courage to not fall prey to the cultural conditioning of it all. Thanks for the reminder.'