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Conversations for E.A.S.E - exploring the Energy, Alchemy of Self-Evolution

Facilitated by Susan Griffin, Certified CODE Model Coach™

Conversations for E.A.S.E. -- exploring the Energy and Alchemy of Self Evolution

I invite you to join me in Conversations to help you move beyond Healing and discover the E.A.S.E. of Being You. These WEL‑Systems® based, CODE Model™ guided, 21st Century Huna™ influenced conversations will invite you to consider a different perspective about your world and your personal reality, a different context for thinking about Healing, Wellbeing, dis-ease and your power to create change for your Self and begin to discover ‘What else is possible’? for you.

Join me in the good company of a small group of women committed to their own Self Evolution, you will laugh and learn through conversations that will be meaningful and fun, and you may discover that EASE is possible in your life.

Fee: $20
Registration in advance is required.
Directions to the event are provided on registration. Please contact me to reserve your spot.
For women only. Maximum 15 attendees.



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