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Decloaking & Living Authentically

  • Sheila Winter Wallace Chelsea, Quebec Canada (map)

Reclaim your courage, compassion and confidence.  Revitalize your health and well-Being. Reconnect to your brilliant Self.

If you are hurting or in pain - your discomfort might be emotional, it might be physical - then I invite you to read further. 

Decloaking and Living Authentically is neither a training nor is it a course. It is a life-transforming, 5-day, deeply-intensive conversation in the good company of a small group of women, seeking to redefine their lives. The conversation is intended to serve as a magnificent pattern interrupt to all of the unconscious constructs that are fuelling our individual realities, including the good, the bad. the ugly and the painful. You'll leave feeling reconnected and revitalized, lighter and easier, knowing that you are, indeed, unique, whole and essential to your world.

Perhaps you're simply tired of living the 'status Quo'; perhaps you are feeling physically and emotionally unwell. What if the only thing that mattered is that you feel well and whole? This experience will undeniably enrich your life to fuel your world differently, moving forward. There is nothing 'out there' like it! Why? Because, it is all 'in here'!

The process wraps in and through the intentional shifting of the context for how we think. With the willingness to 'try on' that shift in how we think about thinking, the realities of our lives as we have known them can't but alter themselves easily and dramatically... and in a breath! Quantum leaps are the cornerstone of the experience! New insight brings with it new awareness. Potential is expanded and new possibility reveals itself. We surprise ourselves in new and bold Self-discovery. We reclaim our natural curiosity for our lives and our living. Pain - however it has presented - loses traction in our lives as old and once-entrained constructs of mind fall away. Life becomes very different as we open a new gateway to healing. Self-permission ignites a letting go... and the willingness to become the release/relief of what was. You'll find that you are inviting and allowing yourself to reclaim and own the very essence of whom you BE, differently. How does it get any better than that?!

Questions? I invite you to engage with me in a free, one-to-one consultation - in person, online or by phone. Email Sheila at or call at 613-292-4562. We'll arrange a time for conversation.

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