WEL-Systems NLP: The Owner’s Manual for the Body 

Making conscious the unconscious. Discovering & decoding the genius of what is naturally expressing in tissue 24/7. Calibrating for and connecting the dots for what you don’t know you don’t know.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We have a nervous system, we have language and, like it or not - through the not-always-kind delivery mechanisms of parenting and cultural conditioning - we know programming. How we uniquely do our lives has been programmed outside of our conscious awareness. So, if we are universally taking a journey to wake up to our Selves, then the question to ask is this: How’s it all working for us?

Educating ourselves to the genius to how the CNS (central nervous system) is communicating all the time is key to intuitively trusting not only what we know, but that we know. All learning, growth, change and transformation take place in the body. The body IS the final frontier and the leading edge of our thinking. It is expressing all the time, both linguistically and analogically. Are we awake and are we listening in for the genius of it all?

Here is why you might consider stepping into this 2-day intensive:

If you have already studied NLP to any of its traditional levels and beyond, be prepared to experience a quantum leap in your perspective. This will not be a repetition of content and techniques you already know. It will take what you know and turn it on its head, inviting and allowing you to deeply consider and test-drive a whole new context for living and BEING. If all meaning is context dependent (it is!), a WEL-Systems® context will allow you to engage NLP for yourself and your clients in ways that you have never considered. Inside this context, you’ll discover a process of enquiry that is the PhD for NLP. You’ll experience the powerful force of a context for NLP that is larger than its own body of knowledge, its content and its history. You’ll also move beyond talking about the quantum world to, instead, living it. You’ll sharpen your existing skills and develop new ones.

If you are already engaging your life through the dynamic and life-transforming lens of WEL-Systems®, this 2-day intensive will continue to further unpack the genius of how the human body is processing information all the time, how the central nervous system is always communicating 24/7, responding in a nano-second to the brilliant dance of external and internal signalling. You already know that this is NOT a training, that it could never be. Instead, this is the on-going journey into the unknown that IS the adventure of your life. Your personal, visceral and quantum experiences of any or all of 21st Century Huna™, Decloaking and Living Authentically, Engaging and Awakening Others, Conversations that Heal [CTH] and BodySpirit Integration [BSI] have encouraged you to forever surrender linear training models to the wind; the training model processing speed is just too slow. You already know there is no pass/fail.

If you are new to NLP, you’ll discover how the body and language are always revealing information about us and to us. You’ll discover the power of calibrating for the genius of what is moving in yourself and in others. You’ll come to make sense of your internal world, re-aligning your emotions to work for you, instead of against you. You’ll come to own and honour that easy manifestation of what you want is always the result of feeling safe, inside where you live…. and, further, that safety is the result of deep rapport with your Self.

No matter where you find yourself in this consideration, you can be assured that you’ll awaken your potential and that of your clients. If personal evolution for its own sake is paramount to your well being, you will be stepping into a wondrous field of fun, connection and meaning.

Here is what we’ll be covering:

  1. WEL-Systems® as a greater context for living and choosing… & it’s presuppositions

  2. Circle of all knowledge

  3. Logical levels of thinking and the hierarchy of ideas

  4. The quantum biological human™ - the difference between Newtonian and Quantum constructs and their impacts upon your personal world

  5. Bio Baby™ - how the body is built and how it works; the body as a device and what is essential to its operation

  6. The NLP communication model and Signals Dancing™

  7. Processing speed and it’s significance to healing and transformation

  8. The CODE Model™ - the most accurate and potent process of enquiry ever

  9. Quantum TLC™ - the one ‘intervention’ that super-cedes all else in leveraging and encouraging healing transformation

  10. Representational Systems and their finer distinctions - submodalities

  11. Observing for eye patterns and listening for predicates and linguisitc cues

  12. Anchors - Everything in life is an anchor. The impact of cause & effect, stimulus & response to creating neurological anchors, the basis for the creation of strategies and how they are formed, sequenced and operate out of conscious awareness

  13. Parts, polarizations, dichotomies and dualities

  14. Perceptual positions

  15. Frames and reframing

  16. …. and so much more waiting to be revealed

Here is how the 2 day experience will unfold:

Through quantum leaps beyond techniques! Educating through conversation, question and answer, exercises, and ‘hands-on’ visceral experience.

What if?

Capacity and willingness to claim potential enters into a boundless field of possibility when we ‘grok’, at a cellular level, the genius of how all energy and information is digested and metabolized in the body… and it does it with such natural brilliance that it can’t not invite and allow space, movement and flow into our lives and our Being. Effectively connecting the dots demands a traction of curiosity willing to ask the tougher questions, inviting us to become more of whom we are meant to BE.

Dates: Monday and Tuesday, June 24 and 25, 2019

Location: Chelsea,Quebec…only 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Directions will be emailed to upon registration.

Fee: $399.00 + Quebec HST of 14.975% bringing the total to $458.75 - Tuition only.

To Register: Contact Sheila at 613-292-4562 or sheila@sheilawinterwallace.com

Note: If you are attending from out of town, please connect with Sheila for information re: nearby accommodation.

View and Listen:

  1. Louise LeBrun: Founder of the WEL-Systems® Institute: http://wel-done.ca/video/WELNLP-F/Resources/WELNLP-F.mp4

  2. WEL-Systems® NLP: Quantum Leaps Beyond Techniques: https://louiselebrun.ca/book/wel-systems-nlp-quantum-leaps-beyond-techniques/