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Access Bars™ - Learn to Run the Bars™

  • Chelsea, Quebec Canada (map)

Did you know there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn't allow you to receive? These points are the loci for all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, values, attitudes, emotions, expectations, considerations, and conclusions that you have stored, out of your conscious awareness, in any lifetime. Running the Bars™ is an opportunity for you to let go of everything! 

As a modality, in and of itself, running the Bars™ accelerates the awakening of consciousness - in silence and without the need for content and story; it discharges energy build-up in the body’s electrical systems, sustained through the culturally conditioned defaults to repeating history, habit and habituation. It makes conscious and lets go of the rigid mortar of no choice that once cemented the bricks of that external conditioning, ultimately creating a life of compliance.

AND... if your passion for engaging with others is ignited in the delivery of healing through other modalities - e.g. - Coaching; Counselling; Reiki; Emotional Freedom Technique; Cranial-Sacral Therapy; Somato-Emotional Release; Touch for Health; Quantum Touch; NLP; Hypnotherapy; Psych-K; etc. - running the Bars™ provides an easy, joyous and glorious opening and completion to any session.

If you are a parent, you can assist your children to step into and reclaim the potential they innately knew was available to them when they arrived here; what you’ll discover is great for you and great for them.

Calling all coaches, nurses, RMT’s, body workers, energy practitioners, counsellors, MD’s, Psychologists and parents. Would you like to become an Access Bars™ Practitioner? Anyone can learn this! All it takes is willingness, curiosity and one day! You will find the addition of Bars™, to your practice and your life, a game changer.

Register: with Sheila Winter Wallace at 613-292-4562 or by Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

Duration: One day. Start your practice right away.

Fee: $300.00 CAN for your first experience and $150.00 CAN for each subsequent experience. Speak to Sheila about payment methods. Your payment is all inclusive of program experience, manual, information sheets and Certificate of Completion.