The Power of Language & Metaphor: Leveraging Body Genius for Change


Would you like to enrich your capacity to communicate - even in silence - such that lives are easily and sustainably transformed? What if we are so much more than we have been taught to believe? Curious? How would your life change, if you were to consider a shift in context for thinking about your Being, your Body and your Life?

This online, WEL-Systems® NLP based experience is facilitated over a total of 8 hours through a period of 4 consecutive weeks; 2 hours weekly. It is designed so that you come to recognize, own and claim the sheer genius of whom and what you are as a Quantum Biological Human Being™. It's intention is to Re-Awaken your Self-trust, Re-vitalize your well being and Re-claim your life for meaning, sustainability and joy, so that your family, your colleagues and your clients can, too!

Thought is to language as energy is to matter. All learning, behaviour and change happen in the body, the genius and the domain of the deep unconscious. Your body is a living arcana of infinite information and possibility! Discover, by way of this conversational open-forum, more of the essence of whom you are - as space, movement and flow - through the quantum conduit of your brilliant nervous system. Your body is listening to your thought and language 24/7; so is your immune system. Are you paying attention to what it is telling you? Learn to decode your body's messages, naturally and uniquely evoked through the linguistic cues of your thought and the sensory cues of your body... to support health, healing, well-being and your capacity to live a fun, meaningful and sustainable life. 

What you’ll discover!

  • The power of context; all meaning is context dependent

  • The capacity of your Central Nervous system to communicate your untapped potential

  • Your body's purpose as a Quantum Biological Processor™ of thought, energy & information

  • How we structure our personal realities either by default or by possibility

  • The CODE Model™ to deCODE and make sense of linguistic and sensory cues in body & mind

  • Quantum TLC™: the only organically derived intervention to fully reclaim the genius of whom & what we are as Quantum Biological Humans™

  • The surface structure and the deep structure of language: listening for how we communicate through the conduits of thought, language, energy, state and physiology

  • The seven representational systems and their finer distinctions in language by which we communicate

  • Specificity & abstractions in language: How these form and structure our personal realities

  • Presuppositions in language – what has to be true for you, in order to make sense of what you hear

  • The power of nominalization to structure individual and collective reality. We may be speaking the same words and not meaning the same things.

  • Denominalizing (decoding) your experience to reframe how you think about your world

  • The relaxation response and how it naturally unfolds in tissue

  • Your body naturally expressing all kinds of potent information – your body never, ever lies

  • The magic and dynamic of internal representation, imagery and metaphor to accelerate change

  • Cartesian co-ordinates: language mathematically positioned to evoke change

  • The power of question to redirect and to reframe how we think about our lives

  • Mind Reads and Sensory Cues; are you awake to what is being accurately expressed by the client about her world?

  • and so much more that will present in these open-forum conversations

Leave, knowing...

  • You can delight in considering your life and practice differently and more expansively

  • You can relax into your expanding intuition, trusting what you feel, hear and see

  • You can trust your expanded ability to calibrate for linguistic & sensory cues

  • You are awake to what’s present & possible in the spaces between words communicated

  • Ease and joy are yours in your expanding ability to calibrate for and to communicate the unexpressed

  • You can guide for long-term awakening, beyond short-term solutions

  • You are awake to a reclaimed courage, inviting you to fully engage others with rapport & impact

  • Your authentic curiosity is contagious; it is the safe haven, inviting others to become more

  • Questions are always the answer

Fee: $149.00 all inclusive.

Registration: Contact Sheila Winter Wallace at 613-292-4562 and sheila@sheilawinterwallace.com

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