To enter Sheila Winter Wallace’s world you pass a simple, almost invisible divide that separates the familiar grid of large modern housing from a natural setting of towering trees and gently undulating land to come upon an oasis nestled in the woods. Here she welcomes you into her home, once part of the original Wallace farm where her husband Richard grew up. The enchanted feel of the place calms you the moment you step through the door into an open space of wood panelled walls and wide windows, each one giving onto a forest scene restful as a painting. Her warm and comforting presence mirrors the nurturing elemental ground that she offers, body, mind and spirit.

How many of us have tried to make fundamental changes in our lives only to find ourselves repeating and living by the same old story lines? How many of us have suffered from mysterious aches and pains that yield to no diagnosis from medical tests and procedures? How many of us live essentially ‘beside’ ourselves, listening into inner whisperings of another Self more authentic than the one we display in our behaviour day by day?

Welcome to the questioning conversation Sheila Winter Wallace initiates in her work as a Certified CODE Model Coach™, WEL-Systems® Master Facilitator, and a Full Initiator in ancient Hawaiian Huna. With her background as a Registered Nurse (Retired) and an ordained minister, she brings a wealth of experience to the body, mind and spirit therapies she employs, drawing upon her knowledge of Cranial-Sacral work, Reiki, NLP, Access Bars®, Hypnosis and Energy Psychology.  

There are many skilled practitioners in these fields. However what sets Sheila apart is the conceptual framework that she provides as context for the healing journey; a framework that addresses the disjunctive energies at the core of the human experience, disjunctions that inevitably issue in pain and confusion.  Such pain locks us down and mystifies us in endless loops of thinking. We have no idea how to navigate our way out of the maelstrom.

So how do we then move forward through pain to wellness?  First by understanding the framework by which confusion and pain arise; and then by coming to integration by unmasking buried, cloaked and denied story lines, old patterns that once promised survival but now no longer serve us.  In asking the right questions during the process of her own unique mix of modalities to evoke healing, Sheila is able to lead us through the confusion, at both the neurological and spiritual level, to transform these outmoded operating systems and open us to the deeper possibilities inherent in our unique natures.

This is the Gateway process she offers. The release of old patterns – held tight within the body and defining our identities without our conscious awareness – this is the journey of letting go that she has mastered over a lifetime of scientific and spiritual study and search. She knows that the body has a genius for healing itself. She has experienced the integration of the once confused and racing mind with the deep calm of the healed body. She has a magnetic force in her fingers, which when wedded to the wisdom of her informed mind and awakened body intuitively uncovers the sources of pain and transforms them into peace.

Through working with women and the people they care about, Sheila finds in each of her clients a metaphor for further healing, a soul connection that opens into a dialogue of mutual understanding. She has taken this mysterious bonding into her healing work with all women who are suffering from pain and need the restorative touch and empathetic heart of a companion-guide. Sheila is this mentoring presence who taps into the life force in each one of us, sending us forth inspired and now capable of carrying on the healing journey when we leave.

Catherine Grace... Chelsea, Quebec