21st Century Huna™ and Becoming the Grid Symbol Initiation

Saturday & Sunday, April 27 & 28, 2019

Chelsea, Quebec


This 2-day Huna experience expands upon the Elemental and Enlightenment Symbol Initiations, deepening your personal experience of: 

  • A paradigm shift in thinking about thinking and the chakras to support life, living & well being

  • Reclaiming the miracle that we are as space, energy & consciousness in 3 minds, 4 bodies & infinite realms of Being

  • Building upon the alchemy of the elements & the alchemy of the breath - essential to healing - through Quantum TLC™

  • Hakalau, the walking meditation of the Kahuna - and it's practical applications as an enlivening state of mind

  • Hiolani, the meditation on the internal light at the third eye

  • Your Higher Self Connection and how to know that you are connected

  • Ho'o Pono Pono... the Hawaiian Process of Forgiveness: making 'right' 'right, bringing peace within you.

  • Easing into the enlivening force of Huna symbols & ancient Hawaiian chanting to awaken space, movement & flow through the nervous system

  • Decoding meaning in the body through the CODE Model™, thus awakening more consciousness about thought, energy & mind/body healing.

  • An initiation into the sacred grid and 4 symbols with practice in balancing the 7 main Chakras of the body.

  • A follow-up group Skype session of 60 to 90 minutes.

Fee: $399.00 All Inclusive. 

Prerequisite: 21st Century Huna™ & The Elemental Series & the Enlightenment Series Symbol Initiations

For More Information & to Register: Contact sheila@sheilawinterwallace.com