Introduction to 21st Century Huna™

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 - 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Chelsea, Quebec


The ancient Hawaiian word, ’Huna’, speaks to that which is secret, spiritual, concealed, treasured  & wise…  internal knowledge that is not immediately obvious to us… revealing to us what we don’t know we don’t know about ourselves… awakening the genius of whom and what we are as quantum biological humans. It’s original wording was Ho’o Mana… to make energy, to generate life force. Huna is the powerful point of internal knowing where the sacred, ancient wisdom and the science of quantum physics meet . 

Why would you choose to step into this conversation?

If all meaning is context dependent, then 21st Century Huna™ offers us the opportunity to:

  • Step into a paradigm shift in thinking about how we think about our lives, our relationships to our Selves, and our worlds. What have you not yet considered as essential to living your life - shaping it by intention - the presence of which or the absence of which is stopping your joy?

  • Reclaim and embrace the miracle that each of us is, as space, energy & consciousness. How often do find yourself defaulting to same old, same old… ‘cause you have forgotten that you are not your body… you are way more than that?

  • Notice that we are causing effects and creating realities all the time. When does the biochemical response that we call emotion become an addictive story to make it OK for us to be who we believe we are? Who could you become if you chose to really let all that go?

What is this conversation about?

How we think about things creates our individual and unique constructs for living. So much of this has been modelled out of our conscious awareness and so much of it is not our own; cultural conditioning has force fed it to us, anyway… so much so, that we don’t even notice. Truth is, for many, safety has found traction in not allowing themselves to know. We have succumbed to the marketing of lies as truth.

You have likely heard the dictum: the good news is that we think 65,000 to 70,000 thoughts daily; the bad news is that most of them are repetitive of the day before. You have also likely heard the platitude: insanity is continuing to do the same thing/behave in the same way, hoping to get a different result. Well, completely changing results only comes with allowing ourselves to awaken to a different context for living and being. So, this conversation is dedicated to educating ourselves out of the box of same old, same old… and into the expansion of what else can become truly possible when old constructs and patterns are revealed and surrendered willingly and voluntarily.

How will this conversation unfold?

You will…

  • Experience Hakalau, the walking meditation of the Kahuna

  • Experience Hiolani, the meditation on the internal light at the third eye

  • Experience a Higher Self Connection

  • Experience Ho'o Pono Pono... the Hawaiian Process of Healing and Forgiveness

  • Ease into and experience the enlivening force of Huna symbols & ancient Hawaiian chanting to awaken space, movement & flow through the nervous system

  • Learn more about thought, energy & mind/body healing through the CODE Model™

  • Rediscover the spiritual chemistry of the elements & the alchemy of the breath - essential to healing - through Quantum TLC™

What if this could be a truly life-altering conversation for you? What if a magical reframe in thinking about your life, your relationship to yourSelf and your world could change everything for you? What else is possible? What could your future look like? Would you like to find out?

For women only - 10 spaces available

Register: OR 613-292-4562. Payments accepted through Credit Card, Email Funds Transfer, Cheque and Cash. 

Address & directions will be sent to you upon registration.

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