Core Rhythms

The Art & Alchemy of Hands-On Healing

An evolutionary & transformative experience for women, Core Rhythms is a WEL-Systems® based approach to hands-on healing - as both art and alchemy - for quantum leaps intended to move you beyond any need for technique. For beginners, seasoned healers, coaches, care givers and professional health care providers. 

Held over 3 weekends within a 6 week time frame, these sessions may be for you, if you:

  • are more interested in creating questions in/for your life than you are in creating answers

  • are hungry for more meaning, ease, joy & glory in your life

  • feel called to engage, hands-on, in healing with others... and have no clue where, when, what, and how to start

  • are looking for courage & confidence to interface, hands-on, with clients, colleagues, family & friends

  • are already actively engaged in a healing practice and looking to enrich your talents & skills and to expand your process of thinking about thinking

  • are feeling unwell, confused and tired... out of ideas and options beyond what you already know

My commitment to you / What you'll leave with / How we'll get there:

  • an immersion into the WEL-Systems® Body of Knowledge, the CODE Model™ & Quantum TLC™

  • a redefinition of what healing is for YOU, in yourself, for yourself

  • a knowing that lasting change/healing can only authentically occur inside a paradigm shift in thinking about whom and what we are as Quantum Biological Humans™

  • a redefinition of what your body is and what it is not.. and what that means for healing

  • West meets East: how thinking (your intellect) and energy (your body/chakras) symbiotically relate to the healing of mind and body

  • a grasp of the power of language to awaken the body and what makes the difference

  • hands-on ability to interface with flow, amplitude, volume & rotation of the body's Core Rhythms

  • a different perspective about the power of fractals and creative reflexology in the body

  • willingness to invite & allow the body to reclaim its natural capacity for space, movement & flow

  • confidence to intuitively & compassionately interface with any body, trusting its power to lead

  • sufficient hands-on experience to free your Self of any need/requirement for strategy & modality

  • the power of a quick pass and a clean disconnect to invite & allow the body to do it's own healing

  • 6 steps to get out of your own way, allowing the body to digest & metabolize energy & information carried within

  • the value of a pattern interrupt as essential to sustaining healing and transformation

  • basic information about where things are in the body; how the body works; how it processes information

  • a certificate of completion as evidence of your participation

  • a trajectory of next steps - unique to you

Your commitment to the process:

  • Show up for all 3 weekends, allowing yourself to courageously step into what you don't know you don't know about yourself and your world... and what that means for redefining healing for yourself

  • Have fun!

  • Invest $997.00

Register with Sheila at 613-292-4562 or