CODE Model Coaching™

One-to-one, in depth conversations aimed at uncovering, evoking and integrating the roots of pain, suffering, limitation and dis-ease in mind and body.

Does your experience of your life, your body, your state, your business feel out of sync, disconnected from whom you innately know yourself to BE? Do you have a specific problem that is longing for a solution?

Since whatever is presenting is NEVER about what is presenting, what might you discover about yourself and your world, if you were to let go of your reality, as you now experience it ... and engage in a very different conversation about living and well-being that is not predicated on the 'fix' of the therapeutic approach? 

What will your desired reality become when you give yourself the permission to invite and allow the engagement of a very different conversation; a unique process of enquiry that serves to decode the unconscious, energetic signatures structuring your unwanted issues, indeed your life? Decoding the energetic frameworks for the problems you are experiencing easily invites the realization of your own innate solutions; this is the platform for CODE Model Coaching™. 

All meaning is context dependent. Once your body-mind knows a different way, solutions generalize, for quantum leaps in transformation! Yes, you can reclaim your well being! How does it get any better than that?!

This may be the first time, you have ever been really heard... uninterrupted and witnessed, free of conditions, judgements and conclusions. 

By appointment. 

Investment:  $390.00 per session OR $1326.00 for package of 4 sessions (reduced fee of 15%). Allow 2.5 to 4 hours per session.