Access Bars®

An awakening to the genius of who you are, through the hands-on engagement of 32 neurological points at the head, inviting and allowing the easy and non-invasive discharge of electrical energy from the mind-body circuitry. Invite the easy surrender of any unconscious physical, emotional or mental constructs which have held your history, habits and habituation in place as your current reality. These constructs are neither good, bad, right or wrong; the questions is, 'Are they working for you' in creating the life, health and well-being that you desire?

Consider this approach for:
• increased relaxation and calm
• clarity of thinking
• freeing the body/mind of all stessors, including what is identified as PTSD

Investment for Results: $195.00 - for each individual session OR $663.00 (reduced fee of 15%) for a series of 4 sessions. Allow up to 90 minutes for each session.