Sheila is a Registered CODE Model Coach™, affiliated with the WEL-Systems Institute in Ottawa, Canada. The creator of BSI – BodySpirit Integration - as tactile CODE Model Coaching™, Sheila holds essential capacity to guide you through a process by which you'll come to awaken to your own potential, freeing yourself of pain, however it is manifesting in your life.

With a significant background in both nursing and energy medicine, Sheila isa gifted and vastly experienced teacher, relative to the mind/body connection. She has taught NLP, Hypnosis and Energy Psychology. Long a student and practitioner of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Zero Balancing, Applied Kinesiology, the I.H.H. Results System and the Access Consciousness Bars System... and more.... her versatility is one of her greatest gifts to her clients. A Reiki Master Teacher and Full Initiator in Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Sheila has developed a vital approach to working with others, based on her intuitive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and thought as energy systems which easily combine to create natural models for well-being.

Sheila's passion to contribute to others is fully engaged in her hands-on approach to stabilizing the body, inviting a trust of internal safety. As well, Sheila designs and facilitates educational programs for women with the undeniable intention of assisting them to expand personal perspective and potential for the enrichment of their unique lives. She is the creator of (BSI) BodySpirit Integration (Tactile CODE Model Coaching™), CODE Model™ Reflexology and Cranial Reflexology.

With such an eclectic background, Sheila brings huge experience and significant humour to the serious ‘business’ of carving out lives which are joyful, meaningful and sustainable. The power to heal lies in letting go of the internal noise of our old stories/our safe 'lies'... so that we can relax into the deep silence of our- yet rarely heard - internal knowing... and hear the authentic intelligence/truth of our bodies. In the depth of that relaxation, pain must let go...